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  • Hades- Software User Guide
    Comparing to PC based video wall controller, HADES shows stability with its pure hardware architecture and modular design. No stuck and no blue screen caused by PC software. FPGA technology -embedded program ensure the highspeed and big volume data processing.
  • SmartKake Software Guidance
    SmartKake is the creative video wall controller, watch the video and check how to make a set up for any degree of screen rotation
  • Apollo Pro- Software Operation
    Channel Set, OSD Set, Preview Function and System Set
  • Command Center Control Solution
    China Meteorological Administration
  • A Visiting Tour from Huawei Student
    It was indeed a pleasant morning to host a company tour, introduction, as well as products demonstration with students from UK’s leading universities (STEM) as part of the Seeds for the future program in collaboration with Huawei, BritishCouncil and CRCC Asia.
  • Tricolor Monthly Projects-October
    Tricolor completed almost 4000 projects every year, watch the video and get a look of what the solution we can provide
  • SmartKake
    It is designed for multi layout screen display. The displaying screen can be rotated in any degree which is suitable for advertising stand.
  • NYX-V5 Full Video
    The NYX-zero delay Distributed System supports 4k 60 frame and 4:4:4 ultra high definition display with different signal accesses.