Case Study

Singapore Product launch
A Singaporean based hardware manufacturer, had decided to digitize internal communication and product launches for its branches with Tricolor’s digital signage controller.
Pan Digital Conference Room
Tricolor’s 4U Hades installed in a conference room in Malaysia along with our exclusive partner in Malaysia. Hades Series is specially designed for places like boardrooms, command and control center, conference halls, and studios.
Russian Transportation Company
One Russia transportation company went hi tech by installing Tricolor’s Hades 580 to operate their command center more efficiently. By installing Tricolor’s controller, they are now able to provide right kind of information on their video walls which help them to block the loopholes in the system and share the upcoming signals faster which makes work collaboration more effective.
TV Station Center India
Broadcast studio environments have evolved from simple stationary static display imagery to dynamic & content driven repositories of visual capabilities that are best enhanced by Tricolor’s video wall controller technologies. Broadcasters such as India Republic have initiated the solid transition of their studio sets over to using Indoor LCD display walls which are controller by our equipment.
Dubai Conference Room
Tricolor provided a LED Video wall controller installed in a conference room in Dubai. The display provides a bright, high-resolution display platform for the team’s most important ideas and information.
Dubai Airport Duty Free Stand
Dubai Duty Free required an advertising display that would be in sync with their existing theme. Tricolor Technology pitched the solution of Hades 380 video wall processor.
World's Largest Airport Daxing Command Center
Beijing's new wolrd largest airport just completed.As being one of the dedicated video wall controller supplier, Tricolor is pround to participate in this massive construction project. Whole project applied CRONOS, HADES, TriF Fiber extender, helped to create a seamless and real-time KVM video wall control system in the command center, airport terminals, and airport exhibition hall.
National Weather Service
Working with a command center is like going from believing weather prophecies to using numerical climate prediction models with the collaboration of all the team members of the center. This requires an effective control of the center’s video wall.
Lenovo 3D Customer Experience Hall
Tricolor cooperated Lenovo to establish a 3D experience hall for better visual impression. VMARS is responsible for receiving multi-format signal source and complete a a real-time dynamic projection.
TATA GROUP Command Center
Tata India installed Tricolor’s digital signage controller (Hades %80) at their headquarter command center to enhance their communications and effectiveness among their operators. Tricolor installed hardware based digital signage controller that can be centrally control and manage. Hades 580 is a perfect technology platform to create effective message through multimedia formats such as images, videos, animations etc.